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On Earth Day 2019, Absolut Vodka® announced its new platform to promote the planet – and its people – as Planet Earth's Favorite Vodka. Absolut has always championed a more progressive society and more sustainable planet – now Absolut hopes to inspire others in its belief that small changes today can lead to big impact tomorrow.

With a new model built around listening to the Earth, the iconic vodka brand is taking steps to learn, act and celebrate action – regardless of how big or small. From supporting the LGBTQ community for 38 years and counting or working tirelessly to create one of the most energy efficient distilleries in the worldi – Absolut believes in the power of doing better by coming together in support of something bigger.

"Absolut has always done things differently and, now, we're reframing what it means to be a sustainability-focused brand," said Regan Clarke, Brand Director, Absolut, Pernod Ricard USA. "With Planet Earth's Favorite Vodka, we hope to breathe new life into sustainability – inspiring others to do what's right for the environment, and one another, while always remembering to celebrate progress."

To help bring the #AbsolutPlanet vision to life, Absolut launched a digital hub that features live data and analysis of what the Earth is 'saying,' including dynamic facts about the environment (like waste pollution and recycling) and conversations from our communities (such as equality, acceptance and fighting for LGBTQ rights). After Absolut listens to the Earth, the brand learns, takes action and celebrates the actions to inspire more impact. With the Absolut.com/US/AbsolutPlanet hub, the brand is bringing people together via URL with the hopes of making an impact IRL.